driven wins Plantur 39 account

driven has been appointed by German hair care manufacturer Dr. Wolff to launch its Plantur 39 shampoo brand in the UK.

The range of cosmetic shampoos and conditioners has become well established with women over 40 in Europe because of its special Phyto-Caffeine formula. driven will now be tasked with developing a TV lead campaign to introduce the brand to the UK.

Commenting on the news Graham Drury, Client Service Partner at driven said, “This country is an ideal new market for Plantur 39 as there is no other brand like it here. We’re thrilled to be working alongside the client team to fully maximise the opportunity”.

Plantur 39 is the second brand that driven will work on from the Dr. Wolff stable. The agency already works on men’s brand Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo, driving it to number 2 in the market since launch according to Nielsen.

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