new vimto “lowrider” commercial

driven has created a new TV commercial for Vimto as part of a £6.5M teen marketing push for the soft drinks brand.

The ad, titled “Lowrider”, features the three fruit characters that were introduced in the previous “Waltzer” commercial and became the catalyst for a dramatic increase in value of the Nichols Plc owned brand.

On this occasion the fruit are in Los Angeles in an amazing bouncing car, known as a Lowrider.

The Lowrider pulls up next to a convertible Mustang carrying three Californian girls. One of the fruit, the Russian Raspberry, greets the girls with his familiar line “Hello pretty ladies”. The girls initially dismiss the fruit and their beaten up old car.

The Blackcurrant decides to “hit some switches” in the Lowrider to impress them. The car lurches into action and begins to bounce, getting higher and higher. A press of the red button takes the action to a new level as the Lowrider pulls some unbelievable moves, to the delight of the girls. In a final crescendo the fruit bounce the Lowrider so violently that they are thrown together and explode into Vimto, covering the girls in delicious juice. The commercial uses the endline “Seriously mixed up fruit”.

Graham Drury, Partner at driven said, “The Lowrider concept is a really impactful and original way for the fruit to get mixed up. The ad will be previewed by up to 175,000 Vimto fans on facebook later today before breaking on TV on Friday. We’ll then be letting loose some innovative digital ideas around the Lowrider theme too.”

The commercial was filmed on Location in LA and directed by Frank Borin through Velvet Films, with visual effects and animation by The Mill in London.

Chris Lear, Creative Partner at driven commented, “Having grown up in LA, Frank brought some great insight into Lowrider culture. He also gets the UK teen audience and has recently directed promos for JLS and Alexandra Burke. We felt that this and the great track would give the concept a really fresh feel.”

“Bounce n Boom” is a dubstep track by DJ Box Bottom, the artist behind “Baddest Roughest” which featured in Ali G Indahouse and Bend it Like Beckham. He also co-wrote the classic acid house anthem Voodoo Ray. The full version of “Bounce and Boom” is available to buy on i-Tunes and free to Vimto fans on Facebook.

Nick Brookes, Managing Partner at driven added, “Seriously Mixed Up Fruit is a great example of how a big idea can permeate through every communication channel to dramatic effect. Vimto’s brand value has increased by over 30% since the strategy was launched in 2009. Today, it’s the UK’s fastest growing soft drink brand, so we’re in a superb position to deliver further growth with the Lowrider campaign.”

Media planning and buying for what will ultimately be a very diverse campaign has been undertaken by MEC Manchester.

Vimto’s retained public relations agency Fido PR will be helping to create an online buzz through a programme of blogger engagement, celebrity seeding and competitions in key media. The agency will also be managing the brand’s Facebook and Twitter presence, giving Vimto fans priority access to the advert and some exclusive bonus footage.