driven wins Vimto social media account

driven has been appointed by Vimto to handle its social media account following a pitch against 4 other London and Manchester based agencies.

The move is designed to further accelerate Vimto’s development in social channels and give complete synergy with the brand’s other activity. This includes Vimto’s highly successful “Seriously mixed up fruit” campaign which was created by driven and has helped grow the brand from £35M to over £60M in recent years.

“We have an above the line campaign that’s loved by teens. It’s had over 3M interactions on You Tube and helped our Facebook community grow to over 350K fans. As we’ll be investing in a significant TV and digital push soon we want to ensure things are optimised socially. driven’s plan to deliver this showed a deep understanding of what teens look for in social channels and how Vimto could show its unique personality. We can’t wait to see how it all comes to life.” said Clare Pritchard, Brand Manager at Vimto Soft Drinks.

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