Reasons to be cheerful

driven has created a TV campaign for Blanx White Shock, an innovative whitening toothpaste.

The TV campaign, a first for Blanx, launched last week and dramatises the product’s unique selling point: ‘the more you smile, the whiter your teeth get.’ Kyna Griffiths, creative director at driven explains: “What makes Blanx White Shock so unique and effective is its patented ingredient, Actilux, that reacts to light to whiten the teeth. The creative tension and humour in the ad comes from people smiling in situations that would usually illicit a negative response. The viewer knows that the smile actually serves to whiten their teeth”.

The product, distributed by Blackburn based Acdoco, is manufactured in Italy, and the paste’s provenance shines through in the campaign. With the use of an Italian voiceover and cast, a sense of Italian style and flair helps position the product in a way that will appeal to a young, fashion conscious audience.

Martin Preston at driven added, “The rational product benefit is brought to life in an interesting way that will resonate with a young and fashion conscious audience who want results. We were able to give a sense of the integrity and efficacy of the product without dwelling too much on ‘the science bit’ which often prevails in the oral care category”.